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Our Braai (rhymes with TRY) Spices are imported from South Africa where the Braai is the equivalent to the South African barbeque, both social gathering and feast.  I first discovered this special blend of spices 10 years ago on a trip to Johannesburg.  It was used both on beef and a layered medley of vegetables stacked in a cast iron potjie pot and roasted over the coals.  Best vegetables I had ever eaten!  It is now our go-to spice for eggs, chicken, cottage cheese, and all kinds of veggies.


I have been importing it at some level ever since.  We have been selling it at the Saturday Market over here on Lummi Island this summer.  Based on island preferences, I have started importing a variation of the spice without MSG, and I have to say it sells even better than the original blend here on island.


We sample the spice on roasted potatoes and over half of my tasters buy.  South Africans buy the original without sampling!  

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